Why Andre?

Andre brings a unique combination of expertise to the table. Not only is he an experienced business broker, but he also boasts a successful entrepreneurial background. This blend of knowledge allows him to provide the most efficient and effective service to his clients, adapting seamlessly to the ever-changing business landscape and various industries. Andre understands how to accurately value and sell businesses, recognizing that automated software or financial reviews by CPAs are not enough.

To determine a business's true value, Andre believes in looking at the consummated sale of similar businesses in comparable economic markets. This approach, coupled with his keen sense of market conditions and active involvement as a business intermediary, ensures an accurate business valuation and, ultimately, a successful transaction.

Throughout his career, Andre has been a driving force in the Business Broker industry. He has not only created and sold his own businesses but also holds several patents as an inventor. His intense passion for entrepreneurship fuels his constant search for promising business opportunities.

Given that his primary business is selling businesses, Andre treats every deal as if it were his own, always upholding integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and absolute confidentiality. These traits are at the forefront of every transaction he undertakes, solidifying his reputation as a trusted and accomplished professional.

This helps guarantee a successful transaction - every time.

2023 Sale of a Matchmaking Agency for the Wealthy:

One of the best businesses I have ever sold, this business model is truly remarkable, boasting huge profit margins for a service-oriented venture. Operating within a distinct niche catering to the affluent, this matchmaking service stood out to me and those potential buyers as unexpected and innovative. Positioned as a virtual matchmaking service, it set itself apart from online dating trends, aligning with the evolving post-COVID dating landscape. The preferences of wealthy individuals made this business particularly lucrative within the dating scene. Recognizing the limitations of conventional online services, this business provided a solution akin to a personal executive recruiter. The business was sold to a Tech Guru from Silicon Valley, who, leveraging his background, instantly recognized its potential for expansion and acquired the business at full asking price.

2022 Sale of Business with Property:

I had the opportunity to sell a drive-thru restaurant along with a property that held tremendous potential. The location was strategically positioned on a bustling street in a prime area with minimal competition. The buyer, who initiated a property buying spree during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, already owned a successful drive-thru restaurant in Los Angeles. Remarkably, despite the pandemic's adversities, his sales nearly doubled.

However, with the lease term coming due, the situation took a challenging turn. The landlord exhibited greed and decided to capitalize on the business's success by significantly increasing the rent. This move made the owner uncomfortable and prompted a crucial decision – to own the properties where his businesses were located. As a result, he embarked on a venture and acquired four restaurant properties, with another one currently under development in Santa Ana. Witnessing this buyer's shrewd business acumen and being a part of building his restaurant real estate portfolio was a gratifying experience.

2017 and 2022 Sale of a Coffee Shop:

Selling a coffee shop was an emotionally nostalgic experience for me, as I also own one myself. The location of this coffee shop was simply ideal, featuring big windows and a corner setting on a lively street near the beach. I could envision owning such a coffee shop myself.

The new ownership of the coffee shop infused new life into the space, implementing creative ideas for revitalization, such as introducing a piano. This was particularly special to me since I had always dreamed of having a piano in my own coffee shop but lacked the space. Fortunately, the new owners fulfilled this dream and have even more exciting plans in store. They intend to host live bands, offering diverse music experiences to patrons. The owners themselves are former band members from Seatle, now operating as JugBand Coffee in Long Beach. You can find them at 2771 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803.

2020 Sale of a Busy Trucking Company:

In 2020, amid the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I facilitated the sale of a bustling trucking company that was in high demand but facing logistical challenges. The company's success had outpaced their warehouse capacity, leading them to resort to innovative solutions. They had to pitch tents around the facility to keep up with fulfillment demands. Despite these challenges, the company persevered.

Remarkably, three years later, the company expanded its operations significantly, with three facilities now operational. Moreover, they have ambitious plans to open another facility in Phoenix, Arizona, showcasing their remarkable growth and success.

Beneficial Restaurant Sale during COVID, 2020:

In the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was fortunate to be involved in a sale that had a profound positive impact on the Fullerton community. Casa Garcia, already renowned in Anaheim for its generous food donations at the Anaheim convention center, acquired a struggling restaurant and transformed it according to their own concept.

Their generosity shone through from the outset, as they immediately reached out to help those in need, including first responders, the local fire department, and police department. This goodwill generated incredible support, and within just a few months, lines began forming at the restaurant, resulting in sustained great business. Casa Garcia's efforts have had a heartwarming effect, solidifying their position as an exceptional establishment. You can visit them at 136 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832 – Garcia's South of The Border Cantina & Grill.

2018 Sale of Cappy's Café in Newport Beach:

Selling Cappy's Café in Newport Beach was an immensely rewarding experience, beyond just a successful business transaction. Both the seller and buyer were outstanding individuals to work with, displaying exceptional acumen in the business realm. The seller, a retired executive from a major tech company, and the buyers, who owned a prosperous seafood distribution business, made an exceptional team.

Under the new ownership, Cappy's Café underwent significant transformations, swiftly becoming one of the most sought-after breakfast spots in Newport Beach. The positive impact of this sale extended far beyond the transaction itself.

2017 Sale of a Tool and Machine Shop:

In 2017, I faced the challenge of selling a Tool and Machine Shop that was perceived by many as overpriced and difficult to sell. However, the shop had a unique value that some buyers failed to recognize – it was ISO 9001-2008 Registered. This crucial certification allowed the company to work with manufacturers engaged in government contracts, offering a significant advantage.

Eventually, I found a buyer who swiftly recognized the value of this certification. The sale was made at the full asking price, and the buyer made decisive moves to grow the business. Moving to a larger facility proved instrumental, catching the attention of none other than Space X. Today, the shop stands as one of the premier aerospace tool and die companies in Orange County, a testament to its remarkable transformation and success.

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