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  • Know Your:
Andre Gulmesoff

Business Assessment and Consultation

An analysis of your business

Industry Operating Conditions
Industry Market Size
Profitability Analysis
Industry Major Players
Historical and Forecast Growth
Revenue Forecasts
Industry Trends
Financial Ratios
Key Industry Drivers

This is a comprehensive review of all aspects of your business. This includes a review of financial data, key performance factors, your product or service, and your business’s competitive advantage.

This will help you understand how to maximize the value of your business and address any issues before going to market.

Andre will outline important pre-sale steps you can take to meet your goals and ensure a successful and profitable sale.

Know Your Value

What’s your business worth?


Business Valuation

What’s your business worth?

Valuing a business is the determination of its future earning potential, inherent risks inthose future earnings, an analysis of its mix of physical and intangible assets, and the general economic and industry conditions.

  • Determine a range of potential listing price that buyers will likely offer to purchase. This is an outlook of current and potential value
  • It is completed by identifying any areas that need to be strengthened, and steps required to mitigate and maximize value.
  • A list of recommendations is provided to improve your business’s value and marketability prior to listing for sale.
  • Andre will also outline important presale steps you can take to meet your goals and ensure a successful, profitable sale.
Andre Gulmesoff

Constant Support

24/7 access to track your sales progress

Andre and his team offer constant support with 24/7 access to track your sales progress with the bizbyAndre dashboard. You can also keep track of buyers that are interested in your business. This includes a timeline to see progress with instant notification of important updates

You Decide

You control what information to share on your listing

With Andre, you decide what information to share on your listing. Trade secrets are kept for later. Important attributes about your busineses are expanded on to make your business more attractive to buyers

Andre Gulmesoff
Andre Gulmesoff

Strictly Confidential

Buyers are qualified & required to sign a non-disclosure

Every buyer is fully qualified and then required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before sharing any sensitive information. Any information received from you will be handled discreetly and responsibly.

Consolidated Information

All sale timeline information in the same place

View progress on your sale's timeline in the Dashboard. Every step is recorded and all in one safe place: from the moment you decide to sell to the moment all the papers are signed. All accessible online 24/7.

Andre Gulmesoff
Andre Gulmesoff

Finding a Buyer and Commencing Negotiations

Quality buyers with productive negotiations help sell your business
  • Qualifying buyers that are interested in the business
  • Answer questions from prospective buyers
  • Conduct buyer site tours
  • Solicit first round of offers
  • Evaluate offers on benefits, risks, and advantages
  • Review of due diligence materials
  • Executingnecessary agreements
  • Opening escrow upon buyer’s satisfactory review of business in due diligence


  • Assist buyers in license and permit requirements
  • Assist in buyer’s SBA financing
  • Address any issues necessary for closing
  • Close escrow with a successful transition to new ownership
Andre Gulmesoff

A buyers Most desired Attributes
Do you have 6 of these 10 items?

  • A consistent historical record of growth and profitability
  • Substantial hard asset value
  • Absentee ownership
  • Stable management team in place
  • Obvious opportunity for growth and/or obviously under-performing
  • Clean books and records
  • Up to date assets and premises in superior condition
  • Highly favorable lease terms or ownership of real property
  • Desirable location
  • A high demand enterprise (manufacturing, distribution, or business to business service)