Andre Gulmesoff, UBI Business Broker

Keeping alive the American dream providing the most favorable arrangements for entrepreneurial ventures. Specializing in business sales and targeted acquisition searches.

If you are a entrepreneur interested in buying or selling a business, you’ve just found the right Business Broker to help you.

About Andre:

Andre Gulmesoff, has been in real estate for over 10 years. He has wide range of experience which includes mortgage origination, real estate and commercial sales and property management.  In 2010, he became a Real Estate Broker. He has worked with commercial leasing in Huntington Beach, several new home developments in Orange County and land purchases in Riverside County.

Before real estate, Andre worked several years in different banks, including California Federal Bank, Citibank and in Wells Fargo. In Wells Fargo he was promoted 2 times in 2 years for top sale performance and quickly moved to a private banking center in Santa Ana. While working at Wells Fargo he also worked as a Real Estate agent for Prudential.

In 2007 when the Real Estate market shifted he became an expert in Short Sale Transactions and for 2 years he sold many of these types properties. Majority of the transactions consisted of Short Sales but there were a few different transactions that did not. One of them led him to later open a restaurant. He had listed a small Market in Downtown Long Beach in an excellent location. This is where he discovered a restaurant that was in the process of closing. He purchased it and built up the business and managed and operated it for 3 and half years and later sold it for a healthy profit.

This began his career in specializing strictly in Business Sales. Since then he has been very successful in selling a variety of different types of businesses. Currently working at a premier business brokerage in Orange called UBI Business Brokers.

UBI Business Brokers has a great track record with a vast amount of combined experience.  One of the oldest business brokerages in Orange County, UBI has been successfully selling businesses in Southern California since 1965.

Andre’s Mission Statement:

Negotiating and structuring the buying and selling of businesses can be a complex and frustrating situation even for those whom may have had prior experience.

My goal is to facilitate the smooth sale of businesses between clients.