Cafe Breakfast & Lunch


Orange County

Asking Price: $ 1,850,000.00
Type of Business: Cafe Breakfast & Lunch
Location: Orange County Beach Location
Hours of Operation: 6:30 am – 2:30 pm
Gross Sales: $ 1,850,000
Adjusted Net Profit: $ 410,000
Total Rent: $ 12,300
NNN: $ Yes – $1,750
Length of Lease: 2025
Options: 2-5yr. Options
Sq. Ft. 3,300
Occupancy: 124 Inside 98 Patio 26
Number of Employees: 6
Full time: 9       Part time:  16
Payroll: $ 48,000
Insurance: $ 7,500
Gas: $ 688.00
Electric: $ 2,155.00
Water: $ 515.00
Phone: $ 190.00
Trash: $ 405.00
Internet and TV: 237.00
Cost of goods: N/A
Business description.

Advertisement for All Web Sites and outside Brokers
If you are interested in owning one of the Premier Restaurants in Orange County, and at the beach, then you are reading the right Advertisement. It’s billed as the “Best Breakfast & Lunch on the West Coast, since the 1950’s… You always receive large portions with very fair prices. And at the same time you probably just might be eating with celebrities or sports heroes who are looking for an outstanding breakfast or lunch. The parking is great for a beach location and the atmosphere includes televisions with up to date news and a Bar that puts out great drinks. The qualified Buyer will enjoy great hours that the business is open; and for the most part, the staff of cooks and waitresses have been with the business for a long period of time. If you are a potential Buyer then please submit a Resume showing your experience in the food business and you will need to show “Proof of Funds”.

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