Beer & Wine Bar


Long Beach

Asking Price: $ 325,000 CASH OR OFFER
Type of Business: Beer & Wine Bar
Location: Long Beach
Hours of Operation: 10 AM – 2 AM, as needed
Gross Sales: $ 60000 / mo.+
Adjusted Net Profit: $ 20,000 / mo.
Total Rent: $ 1750
NNN: $ internet above
Length of Lease: 5 years
Options: available
Sq. Ft. 925
Number of Employees:
Full time: 5   Part time: 8
Payroll: $ 14,544/ mo.
Insurance: $ 950
Gas: $ with Water & trash
Electric: $ 925
Water: $ 126
Phone: $ 224, w. internet
Trash: $ included in rent
Internet and TV: 237
Cost of goods: N/A
Business description.

This small oasis is a cash cow. This is the Sellers’ first bar & they have registered & copyrighted the name, logos, concept which is not included in the sale but used at their other locations too. Buyer must rename & rebrand it. There is instant goodwill, low overhead, in this busy, highly visible bar in a densely populated area, close to the freeway. I know it is small, but it is packed, selling beer & wine. They sell bottles of good champagne, there is an exciting, original Soju menu & a good selection of frosty beers served up the way they should be. Great lease & rent, low operating expenses & a POS system that keeps ringing up the sales track the profit. Honestly, a pro can keep the sales where they are, but you have to be on your game. even a smaller reduction in sales & profit, this is a winner for the price. The place is fun to hang out at. Loaded with Union workers & Longshoremen that are regular clientele. This is a HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL listing. You MUST complete a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with your UBI agent prior to obtaining the name & address.

Call for more details.

(714) 366-5498