Towing of Vehicles


Orange County

Asking Price: $ 425,000  (owner will consider a note)

Type of Business: Towing of Vehicles
Location: North Orange County
Hours of Operation: 7:00 am to 10: pm 7 Days
Gross Sales: $ 800,000
Adjusted Net Profit: $ 150,000 per year
Total Rent: $ 5,665
NNN: $ in rent above
Length of Lease: 2021
Options: Negotiable
Sq. Ft. 2000
Occupancy: 50
Number of Employees: 7
Full time: 7           Part time:  0
Payroll: $ 15,777
Insurance: $ 8,000
Gas: $ 12,000- 7 Trucks
Electric: $ 177
Water: $ included in rent
Phone: $ 623
Trash: $ included in rent
Internet and TV: $ 211
Cost of goods: N/A

Business description

Towing Company that services Orange County and the surrounding area… The company has a major contract with an Insurance Carrier to handle their towing policies. They have a total of 7 trucks which includes a brand new towing truck for medium services (bob-tail) & 5 flat bed trucks. The trucks are currently under loan payments and will be paid off through pay-off dates during the next 48 months. They offer a wide range of towing services from local to long distance towing. The Buyer has acquired a storage yard that has just been brought up to City Code for extended possession of vehicles brought in from Freeway accidents or breakdowns. They also have the entitlements in place to receive a contract from the Highway Patrol. The fee is $195.00 pick up for initial transfer and $50.00 per day thereafter. Both of these assets should be in place within the next two months. They are compensated twice a month by the Insurance Carriers. The final asset is their ability to do Overflow Towing jobs for Insurance Carriers Towing Services; that do not have sufficient towing trucks. This is a huge source of monthly income. Taxes and Licenses annual expense $55,688.00 – Repairs and Maintenance Annually are $46,539.00


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