Fast Food Freestanding Drive-thru Building

Asking Price: $ 395,000
Type of Business: Fast Food Freestanding Drive-thru Building
Location: Santa Barbara County
Hours of Operation: Currently 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
Gross Sales: $ 95,000 mo. net sales average for 2019. May 2020 was approx. $84,000 with indoor closed
Adjusted Net Profit: $ 8 – 10,000 per month
Total Rent: $ 6,500 mo.
NNN: $ 500 mo. property tax
Length of Lease: New 10 year lease
Options: 5 yrs. + 5 yrs.
Sq. Ft. 2,300
Occupancy: 48 inside and 16 patio
Number of Employees:
Full time: 4       Part-time: 11
Payroll: $ 32-34,000 mo.
Insurance: $
Gas: $
Electric: $ 2,500 mo for all utilites including electric, gas
Water: $ water and trash
Phone: $
Trash: $
Internet and TV:
Cost of goods: N/A
Business description.

100% Employee run business. Freestanding Drive-thru building with a long drive-thru stacking lane. Newly remodeled inside and out. Business averaged $95,000 per month net sales in 2019 and up to Covid starting. Business hours then were 7am – 9pm daily. May 2019 net sales of approx. $84,000 and seller shortened the hours and does not currently sale breakfast. Net profit not effected with the shorter hours. Seller will continue with the shorter hours of 10:30am-8pm and no breakfast until business is sold. Buyer can increase sales with working in the business and serving breakfast. Business name is not included. Located in a small Coastal town in Santa Barbara County nearby a large Federal Government Facility that employees approx. 18,000 government and public employees. The town has a population of over 10,000 people and a High School (very close by) with an enrollment of over 1100 students. Next nearby town (less than 5 minutes away) has over 43,000 population. Real estate available for an additional $1,250,000. Approx 27,878 SF of land.