ATM Machines Vending Route

Asking Price: $ 155,000
Type of Business: ATM Machines Vending Route
Location: Orange County
Gross Sales: $ 85,900.00 Annual Gross Net
Adjusted Net Profit: $ 73,500 Owner operated (annual)

Brand are the machines:

40 Hyosung, 2 Tranax, 1 Gen Mega. (The Genmega and 1 Tranax are cash load only, we do not own ATM)

Age of the machines:

1 year to 8 years – varies . We have 4 spare machines and miscellaneous new parts that are included. 

Technology used for the operation:

Various- Internet, landline and wireless modems.

Break down the locations and type of location:

10 bars, 5 American Legions, 5 VFWs, 2 hospitals, 1 Moose Lodge, 7 restaurants, 4 Liquor stores, 1 country club, 1 community center, 3 donut shops, and pending locations after Covid19 is over.

Locations in per county:

In Orange County-19, South LA County-7, N. Riverside County-7, and W. San Bernardino County-6.

Transactions per month?

3,000 (2019 average)

Amount of cash circulated per month?

$270,000.00 (2019 average)

40 ATM machines at locations, in Orange County, South LA County, N. Riverside County, and W. San Bernardino County. Approximately 3,000 transactions per month. Transaction fees vary from $2.25 to $3 dollars. There is No Commission under 50 transactions. Approximate $270,000.00 in monthly transactions. Locations are serviced 2 times per week. Annual income and expenses: Gross NET in 2019 $85,900.00 REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE: $3,000.00, COMMISSIONS PAID OUT: $1,738.00, TRUCK EXPENSE $3,000.00 (Incl. Gas, Maintenance,& Insurance) ATM WIRELESS MODEM-SERVICE: $2,583. Over half have phone lines paid for by the business. ONE EMPLOYEE $26,000.00