Business Details

Passenger Shuttle and Bus Company

Location : Los Angeles County

Type of Business : Passenger Shuttle and Bus Company

Asking Price : $3200000 Plus Inventory, Approximately $5,000
Inventory : $N/A

Summary of Business

Passenger Shuttle and Bus Company. 7 Shuttles with a capacity of 14 passengers shuttle people from 4 locations in the LA region to the Mexico Border. The run 10-14 round trips per day. The 5 Buses with a capacity of 44 passengers would run from East LA into 3 destinations in the State of Zacatecas Mexico. The company has ticket booths for pick up/drop off at Bus Depots at locations in the LA locations, and 3 spots in Zacatecas, Mexico. Rent quoted herein is for all locations. Outside sales agents will also sell tickets on these routes on a commission basis, plus this company sales ticket on other carriers from their depots. The outside sales are a small part of the overall Revenue. Ownership does not drive, just handles management all out of the LA region. Seller will train Buyer as needed. A few salaried extended family members are willing to stay on with the new ownership.

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Other Details

No Data Available.


Gross Yearly Sales: $$ 5,170,000 annual Sales
Adjusted Yearly Net Profit: $$ 1,000,000 annual Net Profit


Total Rent: $$ 19,600 monthly for all Depot and office locations
Length of Lease: N/A
Options: 0
Sq. Ft: N/A
Occupancy: N/A


Number of Employees: N/A
Full time: N/A
Part time: N/A
Hours of Operation: N/A Hours Worked by Owner: N/A Payroll: $ $ 107,000 per month


Insurance: $ N/A per year
Gas: $ N/A
Electric: $ N/A
Water: $ N/A
Phone: $ N/A
Trash: $ N/A
Internet and TV: N/A
Cost of Goods: $ N/A
Any other expenses: $ N/A

Additional Details

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