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Custom Tiles Manufacturing

Location : Orange County

Type of Business : Designing & Recreating Custom Tiles Manufacturing

Asking Price : $545000 Plus Inventory, Approximately $5,000
Inventory : $N/A

Summary of Business

Many big jobs in production. In the past they worked a lot from little jobs and within the last 5 years they have gotten more jobs with higher dollar amounts. Some months they run 2 shifts to finish work order. Average turn around is 15-20 working days

$180,000 job currently in production and currently bidding on $270,000 jobs

They often turn down jobs (many smaller jobs)

Most profitable jobs are Mozaics, and they are done with the water jet machines

1. Sellers will stay and train Buyer how to design the tiles and teach the process of the various machines on Bull Nosing. This company can tailor jobs to include beautiful Murals and Medallions, making them a personal and unique design. They offer bull-nosed liners for capping off back-splashes or finishing off a wainscot. They also have the capacity for sandblasting and etching on granite, marble, glass and porcelain tiles. 2. Turn-around time to be 15 to 20 working days beginning the day after they receive the material. Work load will also figure into the turn-around time. Any tile thicker than 3/8 inch will result in price change. All proposals are good for 120 days…..The price also includes a Flat bed Company Truck. 3.Owners will personally introduce Buyer to all main accounts and significant Contractors. 4.The Cost of Goods is minimal due to the fact that the client delivers his tile to the company, then it is to be redesigned and include individual decorative design changes. 5.All Installation of tile jobs is completed by their clients or Contractors. The tiles are either prepaid for shipping or picked-up by the customer for job completion. This is a niche company where the expense is mainly labor with virtually no cost of goods.

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Other Details

No Data Available.


Gross Yearly Sales: $528,000 yearly average
Adjusted Yearly Net Profit: $$ 170,000 yearly average


Total Rent: $$ 8,740.00
NNN: $ $ Incl.
Length of Lease: 2021
Options: 0
Sq. Ft: 9799 -Includes yard
Occupancy: N/A


Number of Employees: Full time: 4 Part time: 2
Full time: 4
Part time: 2
Hours of Operation: 8:00am to 4:30pm Hours Worked by Owner: N/A Payroll: $ $ 12,500 includes $2000 for Owners


Insurance: $ $ 2,100 Liability $1,100 Workers Comp Monthly per year
Gas: $ $ N/C
Electric: $ $ 1,350.00
Water: $ $ 75.00
Phone: $ $ 90.00
Trash: $ $ 75.00
Internet and TV: 20.00
Cost of Goods: $ N/A
Any other expenses: $ N/A

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