Business Details

Wholesaler of Nutrition Supplement Ingredients

Location : Orange County

Type of Business : Wholesaler of Nutrition Supplement Ingredients to Manufacturers

Asking Price : $3800000 Plus Inventory, Approximately $5,000
Inventory : $1,000,000

Summary of Business

This business was originally founded as the US Branch of a Chinese Pharmaceutical in 2008. This company was started in California that same year and is now Independent. Seller has grown the business to a consistent $3,500,000 per year in sales… They ship various Nutrition Supplement Ingredients to manufacturers who package them and distribute them to retail locations. They have access to three warehouses across the US where the packagers can pick up the raw materials from our Seller, then ship them to their individual customers. They have a wide range of products which include, L-Carnitines, L-Arginine, L-Argine AKG, Gaba, Gakic, and Phenibut. They also carry other fine raw materials including sweeteners, specialty ingredients and Amino Acids plus Vitamins. They import directly from China which gives them competitive pricing… they also can buy from U S Distributors. The Seller has the ability to blend or encapsulate and package virtually any product into many different mediums: including bottles, blister packets, and sachets. All income is verified by Corporate Tax Returns.

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Other Details

No Data Available.


Gross Yearly Sales: $$ 5,500,000 Annual Sales Plus
Adjusted Yearly Net Profit: $ $ 700,000 Annual


Total Rent: $$ 3,000 Monthly
NNN: $ $ Incl.
Length of Lease: Annual – Portable Business
Options: 0
Sq. Ft: 1200
Occupancy: N/A


Number of Employees: Full time: 1 Part time: 2
Full time: 1
Part time: 2
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Hours Worked by Owner: N/A Payroll: $ $ 7826.00 Monthly


Insurance: $ $ 800.00 per year
Gas: $ $ 50.00
Electric: $ $ 200.00
Water: $ $ Incl.
Phone: $ $ 320.00
Trash: $ $ Incl.
Internet and TV: N/A
Cost of Goods: $ N/A
Any other expenses: $ N/A

Additional Details

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