Business Details

Restaurant with 41 license

Location : Orange County

Type of Business : Restaurant with 41 license

Asking Price: $179,000
Inventory: $20,000

Gross Sales: $550,000

Summary of Business

Perfect opportunity for a seasoned restaurateur looking to cater to the affluent clientele of Orange County. This restaurant is in a prestigious area that is commonly toured by the wealthy. Excellent to achieve high ticket prices on every meal. The seller has spent thousands of dollars on improvements making this an ambiance perfect to cater to the rich. Comfortable with a stylish appearance and a front bar that is first seen at the entrance. Perfect to insinuate and drive up alcohol sales. Great opportunity for growth. This is a must-see restaurant. The kitchen is approximately 40% of total sqft. Good space and layout to accommodate large volume. The restaurant previously had a 47 license. Possible opportunity to obtain again, subject to CUP and ABC. 
Name of business is not included in the sale. Priced for a change of concept and fast sell. 

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Other Details

Future Potential: This restaurant located in an affluent area holds significant future potential due to the unique advantages it offers. With a customer base that is financially capable of spending on fine dining experiences, there is an opportunity to create an upscale culinary destination that caters to refined tastes and preferences. By focusing on providing exceptional food quality, innovative menu offerings, and a memorable dining experience, the restaurant can attract affluent customers who are willing to pay a premium for exquisite cuisine and impeccable service. Additionally, being in an affluent area often means a higher concentration of corporate headquarters, luxury hotels, and event venues, presenting opportunities for catering services, private dining, and hosting high-end events. The restaurant can leverage its location by forging strong relationships with local businesses and becoming a go-to destination for business lunches, celebrations, and special occasions. Furthermore, with affluent customers being more inclined towards sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, incorporating a focus on local, organic, and environmentally conscious options can be a key differentiator and attract a loyal customer base. By delivering exceptional culinary experiences, capitalizing on the affluent customer base, and staying ahead of emerging dining trends, the restaurant has the potential to thrive and become a sought-after culinary establishment in the affluent area.

Reason for Sale: Having difficulties managing 2 restaurants while living far from locations


Gross Yearly Sales: $550,000
Adjusted Yearly Net Profit: $call for details


Total Rent: $9,177
NNN: $included in rent
Length of Lease: Lease expires: Dec 2025, Options Avail: plus five
Options: 0
Sq. Ft: 2,619
Occupancy: in: 80, out:50


Number of Employees: 8
Full time: 5
Part time: 3
Hours of Operation: 11:00 AM- 2:00 PM, 4:30 PM- 9:00 PM Payroll: $18,000


Insurance: $9,600 per year
Gas: $700
Electric: $1,600
Water: $included in rent
Phone: $160
Trash: $included in rent
Internet and TV: $included in phone
Cost of Goods: $13,000

Additional Details

Year Established: 2021

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