Business Details

Mediterranean Restaurant or bring your concept

Location : Orange County

Type of Business : Greek Med. Restaurant

Asking Price: $140,000
Inventory: $0

Gross Sales: $600,000

Summary of Business

Great Orange County location, high-traffic area, one block from the Main Beach! Great potential with possible new menu applications, separate 9 stool bar area. Very officiant kitchen and prep area and two restrooms with one being ADA Compliant Extra outdoor storage area! Buyers can change the food concept or keep it the same. No menu restrictions. Heavy foot traffic with this location catering to beach goers and high-income residents surrounding this fun neighborhood.

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Other Details

Future Potential: The future potential of this small restaurant by the beach is promising, thanks to its unique location and the enduring allure of coastal destinations. With a picturesque backdrop of the ocean, such a restaurant can offer breathtaking views and a relaxing ambiance that attracts both locals and tourists. It has the opportunity to cater to beachgoers seeking a delightful dining experience, capturing the essence of a coastal lifestyle through fresh seafood, tropical flavors, and refreshing beverages. By focusing on quality ingredients, innovative menu offerings, and exceptional customer service, the restaurant can build a loyal customer base and establish a reputation for being a must-visit culinary destination by the shore. Additionally, the rise of eco-tourism and the growing interest in sustainable practices present a chance for the restaurant to embrace environmentally-friendly initiatives, such as sourcing local and organic ingredients, reducing waste, and supporting community initiatives. This can further enhance its appeal and contribute to its long-term success as a go-to dining spot for beach lovers.

Reason for Sale: Moving


Gross Yearly Sales: $600,000
Adjusted Yearly Net Profit: $96,000


Total Rent: $6,750
NNN: $included
Length of Lease: Lease expires: 2 years
Options: 0
Sq. Ft: 1,500
Occupancy: 58


Number of Employees: 5
Part time: 5
Hours of Operation: 11am-3pm 4pm-9pm Payroll: $APRX. 8000-9000 PER MONTH


Insurance: $2,100 per year
Gas: $800
Electric: $1,200
Water: $included
Phone: $236
Trash: $270
Internet and TV: $DIRECT $130
Cost of Goods: $25
Any other expenses: $ LINEN $400; Misc. Expenses $325

Additional Details

Year Established: 2020

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