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Advertising Software Company

Location : Orange County

Type of Business : Advertising Software Company

Asking Price: $125,000
Inventory: $0

Gross Sales: No Value Specified

Summary of Business

Marketing Agency with Incentive Driven Software
Over $120,000 was spent to develop. 
Advertising company specializing in marketing by text. Simular software as SimpleTexting (company).
BY Sending a text to all 500+ customers and letting them know that a restaurant is offering 20% off for the night (example), or sending a link that will go directly to their text messages encouraging online ordering. You can also send recurring messages, once a month, a week, etc.
Business also offers online advertising. 
Asset sale, business is not in operation. All rights, branding, trade secrets, website, and software with a device that customers of a business input their information into. Equipment estimated around $25-$30k
Great for anyone already in the marketing field or tech space, this business can be a great add-on feature to have to offer to clients.  The owner has many ideas he can share and is also willing to assist new buyers in re-launch the business. 

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Future Potential: The future potential of Incentive Driven Marketing software is considerable, as businesses increasingly recognize the power of personalized and engaging marketing strategies. This software can revolutionize the way companies incentivize and engage with their customers, allowing them to create targeted campaigns that drive customer loyalty, increase sales, and generate valuable insights. By leveraging data analytics and automation, this software can offer personalized incentives and rewards based on individual customer preferences and behaviors, fostering a deeper connection and enhancing the overall customer experience. Furthermore, as the digital landscape continues to evolve, with the rise of social media, mobile apps, and online shopping, Incentive Driven Marketing software has the potential to seamlessly integrate with these platforms, amplifying its reach and effectiveness. By providing businesses with a comprehensive toolkit to design, track, and optimize their incentive-driven marketing efforts, this software can unlock new growth opportunities and drive tangible business results in the ever-competitive market.

Reason for Sale: partnership split



Options: 0



Any other expenses: $ Website hosting/domain around $1800 per year

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