Did an SBA lender promise you 10% down on purchasing a business?

A low down payment is a significant selling point. That is why SBA lenders often advertise loans requiring only 10% down to attract business buyers.

However, different risk levels and the need to protect against defaults add to the challenge.

For years, I'...

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Should I buy a business that is losing money?

This all depends on who is asking.

Each type of buyer brings a different perspective and set of capabilities to the acquisition. The obvious goal is to make the struggling business profitable again, but not everyone is qualified.

Even if the business has strong sales but isn&#...

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Insurance business? or Toilet paper business?

Both insurance and toilet paper are needed "on hand" all the time.

The Lucrative Appeal of Insurance Business: A Steady and Profitable Venture

In the realm of business, some ventures prove to be more favorable than others due to thei...

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Why are express car washes such a HOT business now?

They are because of less overhead, fewer employees, and a high margin. This is my favorite kind of business model.

The Booming Demand for Express Car Washes: Why They're a Lucrative BusinessExpress car washes have become increasingly popular, and the reasons behind ...

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CREATIVITY is one of the MOST important qualities of a successful entrepreneur

The Power of Creativity: Ignite your entrepreneurial success

Creativity is a remarkable gift that sets exceptional entrepreneurs apart from the rest. Those who possess this rare quality excel in astounding ways because their imagination is finely tuned to innovate and c...

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Buy a coffee? & why I would love to sell it to you!

Unlocking the Secrets to High Margins, High Net, and Low Employee Costs in Business Models

If you've known me for a while, you'll often hear me talking passionately about business models with high margins, high net profits, and minimal employee costs. These are the ultimate favo...

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Opportunities are here now but they do not last forever

In life, we often encounter various opportunities that can lead us to success and growth. These opportunities can take different forms, such as a new job, a business venture, or a chance to invest in a promising startup. However, it's important to remember that opportunities are unpredictable...

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Beware of the “Realtor Do-it-all, Know-it-all”

Most of my business is through referrals, which is great. Unfortunately, it is hard to pick and choose when I get them. If I cannot help them with a sale, I feel obligated to help them with consultation. Surprisingly, not many entrepreneurs seek advice when advice is clearly needed to improve a b...

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Most common unknowns in business sales.

The Process of Selling and Buying Small Businesses: Timeframes and Obstacles Explained

The timeline for selling and buying small businesses can vary significantly. The average time to sell is about 6 months to 1 year, and the buying process lasts 6 mont...

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Want to own a restaurant? BE CAREFUL & FOCUS ON BIG TICKET ITEMS!!!

The Risks and Rewards of Opening a Restaurant: Valuable Tips for Success


Starting your own restaurant is an enticing prospect, but it comes with inherent risks that every aspiring restaurateur should be aware of. While the allure of owning a successful eatery is undenia...

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Start a business or buy a business?

Buy or Build: The Advantages of Purchasing an Existing Business


When aspiring entrepreneurs contemplate starting a business, the natural inclination is often to build it from scratch, starting with a blank canvas and working their way up. This approach is what I, too, f...

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Due-diligence DANGER

Many times, I have encountered "trouble in paradise," either at the beginning of a business listing evaluation or, unfortunately, during due diligence. Now, due to my experience, I catch things rather quickly. Unfortunately, some sellers are very good at hiding or selling their operatio...

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ABSENTEE RUN, business on auto-pilot

Mastering Entrepreneurial Freedom:

Automate, Delegate, and Thrive

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the ultimate fantasy for many business owners is not just accumulating wealth but attaining a lifestyle of complete freedom. However, this aspiration often remains el...

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I want a good deal! oh wait, what is a good deal?

I'm glad you asked. Let me explain.

First, "cheap" does not always mean it is a good deal.

This the most common misconception in buying a business, I call it the “Walmart thinking”

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Entrepreneur mindset & why I enjoy selling businesses

Embracing the Entrepreneur Mindset: Decisions, Evaluations, and Problem Solving

People often ask me why I'm so passionate about my job, and the answer isn't a simple one to convey in just a few sentences. It's not just the thrill of discussing promising business opportunitie...

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This underscores the critical nature of choosing the right escrow service when selling a business. If you have doubts about your current escrow provider, please make a switch right away. I'm currently facing this issue myself, and it's incredibly disappointing. I've relied on an escro...

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The industry's prevalence of subpar business brokers has often surprised me. It's crucial to thoroughly vet them before entering any contracts. The first step is ensuring that they have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, many business sales involve dual agencies, where the broke...

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