Profitable Towing Company


Orange County

Towing Company that services Orange County and surrounding area… The company has a major contract with an Insurance Carrier to handle their towing policies. They have a total of 7 trucks which includes a brand new towing truck for medium services (bob-tail) & 5 flat bed trucks. The tucks are currently under loan payments and…

DMV Certified Driving School Semi Bus

Orange County

Extremely rare Commercial Truck driving certification school. DMV certified! They teach students to drive all type of commercial driving licenses, Class A Truck, Class A/B Truck, Class B Truck, Class B Passenger, Class C Truck. 15 contracts contracts with DMV ( they train & certify the DMV’s commercial test givers), Goodyear, Veterans Administration, local cities,…

Commercial Equipment Installation Company

Los Angeles

This is a unique niche plumbing business specializing in the installation of pneumatic air systems. Business has been operating since 1984 and has a long established history with manufacturers and commercial customers. The owner has two teams of two responsible for the installations, the owners primary role is job estimates. All employees have been with…