Hair Salon


Orange County

Asking Price: $60,000
Type of Business: Hair Salon
Location: Huntington Beach
Hours of Operation: 9am-7pm
Gross Sales: $ 72,000 / 2017
Adjusted Net Profit: $
Total Rent: $ 2,898
NNN: $ 400
Length of Lease: 1yr
Options: Available
Sq. Ft. 1,000
Number of Employees:
Full time:   Part time: 3
Payroll: $ N/A (renters)
Insurance: $ 606/yr
Electric: $ All utilities combined 268/mo avg,
Internet and TV:
Cost of goods:
Business description.

1,000 square foot salon in an A grade center on a major signalized intersection. The center is anchored by many national brands and drives good walk by traffic. Tasteful build out with 6 hair stations, renters pay $1,200/mo. 3 stations are rented, one is occupied by the owner and two are empty. 3 eyelash stations are sometimes utilized as needed.

Removing the owner and their income from the equation leaves the salon profitable with less than half the chairs rented. Great opportunity for someone who wants to come in and bring their book of business. The renters pay the bills and then some. Good retail sales with little to no effort, great area to build a business. Income figures exclude all sales and service from owner.

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