Light Manufacturing/Design


Orange County

This business designs and manufactures three dimensional surfaces for a variety of applications. Using gypsum, concrete, epoxy and other materials to create textured wall panels. Architects, designers and individual property owners use these artistic wall panels to redesign ordinary spaces both indoors and outdoors. Margins for this product are very high as one worker can create lots of product with low material cost in a very small space. Proprietary material mixes allow for very quick cure time with uniform results. Actual technical skill needed is minimal, a new owner would not need any experience in manufacturing and training. Website, print material, IP, samples, master molds and everything else to be included in the sale. This opportunity is best suited for someone interested in design and architecture, most sales come from networking within the industry. Current owner has made a lot of progress but this venture comes secondary to a much larger business that demands all of their time.

Price: $120,000
Revenue: call
Adjusted Net: $42,000

Call: 714.366.5498